I feel incredibly fortunate when I’m able to capture a flower’s ephemeral beauty. When I slow down and take time to observe them, my senses are delighted with riots of color, texture, flavor, fragrance, the music and designs of nature. 


Plants are a major part of my life. I’m a horticulturist that works in the dirt with plants every day. Using my camera I work with them to create artistic interpretations. I’m fascinated by their intricate details and inner workings, such as the (nearly perceptible to our eyes) opening and closing of flowers that only bloom for a single day or night, a stamen that looks like a stack of glass beads or the brilliant sheen of thousands of cells reflecting the sun. I’m awed by a plant’s delicate strength and mathematical precision.


Working in nature, my art is already there, I simply have to find it. My images capture a mere slice of what there is to offer. I think of it as a collaborative effort, when the sunlight, flowers and I all cooperate- it’s magical.


After viewing my portfolios I hope you may find yourself stopping for a second look more often. I invite you to slow down, stop and smell the roses, but keep your eyes open.